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LUKA MOZAIKA - The longest mosaic in the world

LUKA MOZAIKA - The longest mosaic in the world


The recognizability of Vela Luka town is based on the mosaics that dominate its centre, which were created as part of one of the most important and greatest artistic events on our island: The First International Meeting of Fine Artists - Vela Luka in 1968.


In the summer of 1968, about thirty world-renowned artists arrived in Vela Luka and created mosaics that were placed in public spaces-along the promenades and in town’s public institutions. Half a century later, with Luka mozaika project, we continued following the path of the great ones; we have started a mosaic workshop for the purpose of making the longest stone mosaic in the world right here in Vela Luka. Jointly, residents and visitors have created hundreds of mosaics and proved how one small town can tell a great, world story. We were joined by people from all over the world; China, Russia, Japan, South Africa, Australia, EU, Argentina, USA, Canada, Palestine ... The mosaic we built together represents a stone ode to the beauty of creativity, diversity and community as we continue to change the world for a better and more beautiful place united in a unique harmony — in a mosaic of different dreams, thoughts, and feelings.


If you wish to leave your long-lasting mark in Vela Luka, install your piece of mosaic and become a part of the longest mosaic in the world.


find more on: www.lsvl.hr/