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Stunning beauty, untouched nature, a breath-taking ​​turquoise sea, only partially describes what this island of irresistible charm has to offer.

In 2007, Proizd island was named the beach of the year on the Croatian Adriatic and every year it is ranked among the top tourist destinations according to the world's most renowned magazines and travel websites, such as The New York Times, Daily Telegraph and Trip Advisor.

This small piece of heaven is only half an hour away by taxi boat from the town centre, and once you visit this island of turquoise sea and beneficial healing energy, you will become infused with the desire to return.
Proizd island boasts four beautiful pebble beaches accessible by romantic paths surrounded by a pine forest.


All shades of turquoise can be found on Proizd, as well as pristine sea clarity, making it an ideal place for exploring the seabed. The whiteness of the pebbles and the smooth steep cliffs will dazzle you while the beauty of the beaches will leave you breathless.
Proizd also holds a nudist beach, the only of such kind on Korcula island. Therefore, this truly is a site where everyone can find their place under the sun.
By being on this paradise island abounding in healing energy, you will instantly sense the beneficial effects on your health and a refreshing surge of inner energy. All this (and more) can be felt while walking along its paths.


Energy benches have also been set up along the trails, as part of a healing energy park. So, once you reach Proizd, take your time, stop for a moment, take a deep breath and replenish your life energy.

For couples in love, a stroll to Veli bok beach will reveal a kissing spot just perfect for showing affection and creating memories of the most beautiful place for sharing a kiss.

Make sure you visit the island of Proizd. Explore its beaches, soak up the whiteness of its pebbles, fall in love with 1000 shades of turquoise, renew your energy and finally, enjoy kissing at the most beautiful kissing spot.

Tax boat to Proizd goes at 10:00 & 11:30 and return time is at 17:00 & 18:00. Return ticket is 15 €, and for children under 12 years is 8 €.